"Fullerton" Alnico Vintage Tele Matched Pair

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This is a calibrated pair- Neck AND Bridge housed in a Slick brand distressed wooden box. 

Slick Brand "Fullerton" pickups are the real deal- vintage correct 1950's style Tele pickups. This is the most vintage sounding of the Slick Tele Pickups.

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We use the correct fiber bobbins, the correct Formvar wire, the correct parrafin potting wax and the correct waxed cloth "push Back" wires. 

The bridge pickup is wound to a solid 7.6K, and the neck pickups to a sweet 5.6k. Neck pickups are RW/RP so that in the middle position you are noise cancelling! 

Each pickup is individually hand "Aged" to look exactly like a real vintage pickup, and magnetically aged to create that little bit of "Sag" that old pickups have. 

Each Slick Fullerton pickup comes in a retail package complete with aged mounting screws and our illustrated wiring diagram.