Slick "65" Staggered Pole Alnico Strat Complete Set

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This is a complete set of three pickups housed in the distressed Slick Display Box.
The Slick 65 Pickups are traditional 60's style beveled staggered pole pickups.

 Heavily beveled cut alnico V sandcast rod magnets give them their 60's warmth and sweetness. Vintage style fiber bobbins, waxed cloth pushback wires and absolutely correct "age"white covers give you the most authentic 60s vintage Strat set on the market.

Slick 65's use "hotter than" Surf-era  winds- Bridge is 8.6K, Middle pickup is 7.6K and RW/RP for noise cancelling performance in positions 2 and 4, and the neck pickup is wound to 6.7.0K.

The set comes complete in the wooden display box and comes with a set of aged white covers and hand aged screws and springs.

This is the hardest hitting, fiercest Strat set in the Slick lineup.