Slick Lead Nickel/Black/Zebra

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Slick Brand "Lead" pickups are hand aged humbuckers that recreate the look, feel and sound of vintage pickups...But deliver Hot, hard rocking High Gain pickup performance.

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We've made these from the right stuff. German Silver baseplates and covers (On covered models), delrin bobins, Heavy Formvar coil wire, 5-wire leads for coil tapping and high quality polished ceramic magnets. Each Slick pickup is hand aged to recreate exactly the look and vibe of a 60 year old guitar pickup. We've also dialed in the little bit of "sag" that an older, slightly demagnetized magnet can give you.
Slick Leads are high output pickups with a firm bottom, eplosive midraneg and EXCELLENT high end response. 80's metal? Yep it's in there. 70's Classic Rock? Got that covered too!.

These are the best "Hard Rock" pickups in the slick lineup. If you want a fatter, creamier pickup try the Slick "Rocker" pickups. If you want a cleaner, crisper, more vintage pickup, try the SLick "Old School" pickups. Each Slick humbucker comes with a matching set of hand-aged mounting hardware, illustrated wiring diagram and the whole lot packed into a hand-distressed wooden box!  If you need a distressed pickup ring we sell black and cream rings separately.